We provide remote design services.  
We've prepared a new design process to reduce in-person time significantly by using new digital scanning and presentation tools.
1.   The Initial Meeting on Zoom, Facetime or Skype    |   Zoom, Facetime 又は Skypeでの初期ミーティング
Most of the meetings will be held online.  The initial walk-through also could be done online to understand the project outline.
2.   3D Digital Interior Scanning    |   3Dデジタルスキャンニングでの測量
Although the manual site measurement usually takes 1-2 hours, we use LiDAR 3D scanning technology, which reduces the time to 10 minutes per room 
3.   3D Scope VR Presentation   |   3Dスコープを使用したVRプレゼンテーション  
Google Cardboard Scope and your smartphone makes it possible to present your new interior space in Virtual Reality.
Google Cardboardとお手持ちのスマートフォンを使用し、VRでリモデリング後の空間をプレゼンテーションします。
4.   Deliver a Material Board    |   マテリアルボードの配送
We'll send you a finished material and sample board. You can feel and see the total coordination with actual materials.